Imagine today your european city of tomorrow - Ideas to build your future

It is a strategic partnership project between four European schools and three community organizations, including our ecovillage. This project has taken over 36 months, i.e. 9 thematic quarters (architecture and urban planning, living together, food and health, consumption and energy choices, economy and professions of tomorrow, arts, culture and leisure) with the aim of bringing students from four schools to create together a virtual city of the future that can meet the challenges of sustainable development: environmental, economic and social.

Participating in this project was an opportunity for us to show concrete solutions to these issues and to make them discover to a young and committed public.

Testimonies of the ecovillage members involved in the project

"During the exchange trips, the possibility for some participants of the village to live other ways of life and other conditions for the younger generations is an asset that may allow to embark on new partnerships in Europe" 

"During the week of exchange in France, the eco-village had the opportunity to hold an information evening. This has made it possible to reach a wider audience and to meet other citizen projects which will certainly lead to fruitful and motivating exchange."

- Laerke Broje